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Master Theses

If you are interested in writing your Master Thesis at our chair, please read the following documents:

Current Diplomanden
Bindhammer LorenzThe Effect of Perceived Globalness/Localness on Product Bundle Preferences: Exploring Configurational Asymmetry and Dominance.
Dachs-Wiesinger JuliaDo Xenocentrism and Ethnocentrism Lead to Irrational Decision-Making?

Erdbrügger Jennifer

Stereotype Content Model: Destination Image and Customer Experience

Gálová MarianaStereotypes in Global Branding: Impact on Attitudes and Purchase Intention
Graziano VitoEffects of Stereotypes on Customer Satisfaction in the Service Sector in an Intercultural Setting
Greiner UteBrand Globalness and Localness as Driver of Product Building Decisions
Ivanova EvelinConsumer Culture Positioning and Brand Schema Evaluations: The Role of In-group/Out-group Bias
Milivojevic DraganaThe Impact of Xenocentrism on Foreign Brand Purchase: Exploring the Role of Consumer Animosity
Mucha JosefIdentities and Consumer Behavior
Pacyna VictorAnchoring, Complementing, and Balancing Country Stereotype Dimensions in Brand Communications
Petricková LindaIntercultural Service Encounters: An Empirical Study
Radovic NinaExploring Foreign Brands and Consumer Culture Positioning: The Impact of Consumer Characteristics on Preference of CCP.
Romanyuk Andriana
Saracevic SelmaBrand Buyer Stereotypes: Is Need for Uniqueness More Important than Stereotypes in Brand Evaluation and Choice?
Shaoguang LiumanIntercultural Service Encounters: The Influence of CoO Stereotypes on Customer Satisfaction
Staudinger AnnaBrand love across cultures

Completed Master Theses
Davydova OlgaThe Impact of Consumer Xenocentrism on the Purchase of Genuine and Counterfeits Brands2018
Liu LucyThe Impact of Regret Anticipation on Consumers' Choice between Global and Local Brands2017
Glaser MatthiasDissociated-harmonious COO-products: A Disadvantage?2017
Köller ChristinaMultiple Location Specific Identities: The Interaction of Multiple Identities and their Brand Origin Effects 2017
Vittur IrinaEmotions Generated by Country Stereotypes and their Impact on Consumer Behavior2016
Kirchhofer MichaelaDisentangling the Effects of Brand- and Consumer Characteristics on Brand Evaluation2016
Netopilova MartinaBeing or Becoming a Global Consumer? An Investigation of Antecedents to Global Consumer Dispositions2016
Adamson GemmaConjoint Analysis: Local versus Global Brands: Does the Local/ Global Attribute Play a Significant Role for Consumers in the Purchasing Decision Process?2014
Biath RichardGlobal vs. Local Brand Consumer Evaluations: A Multi-Category Experimental Investigation in a Recently Graduated Developed Country2014
Katholnig SimonaThe Effects of Perceived Authenticity on Consumers' Response to Brands: Evidence from an Emerging Market2014
Konstantinova GerganaThe Impact of Authentic Brand Stories on Brand Perceptions and Consumer Behavior2014
Suljkanovic DijanaAuthenticating Global and Local Brands - The Effects of Authentic Brand Stories on Willingness to Pay, Purchase Intention and Brand Choice2014
Swoboda KristofConceptualization of Employee Brand Building Behaviors2014
Obradović JelenaConsumer Perspective: Does Brand Globalness Really Matter?2013
Patak PeterIntercultural Service Encounter: Theoretical and Managerial Perspective2013
Steyer AlexandraFeedback Effects of Service Extensions on the Parent Product Brand Image - Do Service Evaluations Matter?2013
Wahl AlexanderConsumer's Country-of-Origin Knowledge and Implicit Country-Cue Usage2013
Walzl KatharinaFeedback Effects of Service Extensions on the Parent Product Brand Image -The Differences Between Product und Service Brand Extensions and the Main Drivers of Feedback Effects in the Service Context2013
Wanke-Jellinek AmelieFeedback Effects of Service Extensions on the Parent Product Brand Image - An Investigation of a FMCG Brand2013
Zwinger Johannes
The Effects of Perceived Authenticity and Perceived Globalness on the Willingness to Pay of Consumers2013
Eberl MaximilianCountry Image and Consumer's Willingness to Pay2012
Milchram ChristineConsumer Culture Positioning in Advertising and Ad-Brand Incongruity2012
Schneeberger SonjaCorporate Social Responsibility and the Willingness to Pay of Consumers2012
Bichler Barbara
Service Rocovery Experiences and the Reformulation of Buyer-Seller Relationships: An Empirical Investigation2011
Frigo PaulEmbedding the Country-of-Origin in the Corporate Brand Name: An Empirical Study2011

Moser Katrin

Towards a Theoretical Understanding of How Emotions Fuel Consumer Aggression: The Case of Humiliating Service Experience


Kraxner BarbaraMeasuring Consumer Willingness-to-Pay for "Made in EU" products2010
Adrian SigrunDeveloping an Interactive Clustering Approach to Maximize Marketing Mix Effectiveness2009
Burger KarinCountry Affect: Scale Development and Validation2009
Kirchengast ChristianAirlines and Country-of-Origin from a European perspective2009
Schischlik NicoleThe Country Image-Outcome Variable Link: The Moderating Role of Human Personality2009
Schwaha StefanForecasting Willingness-to-Pay With Direct Price Elicitation: The Moderating Role of Consumer Characteristics2009
Wastian UrsulaThe Country-of-Origin Effects in Consumer Brand Perception and Brand Evaluation Processes: A Qualitative Study2009
Fritsch ElisabethThe Concept of National Identity: An In-Depth Analysis of Its Nature and Impact on Consumer Behaviour2008
Grillmair JuliaEvaluating the Impact of Other Customers on Service Experiences - A Replication and Extension2008
Pöstion AnitaInsights Into Consumers' Perceptions of Global and Local Brands2008
Roitner AndreasCompetitive Intelligence in Austria: An Empirical Study2008
Schein MichaelaExploring Online Surveys - Open Source Survey Tools Evaluation and Comparison with an Application Study on Online Survey Methodology2008
Scheithauer AstridAn Empirical Documentation of Positioning Practices Used by Global Brands2008
Schiefer JohannesGlobal and Local Brand Positioning: A Company and Consumer Perspective2008
Blaha SusannaThe Consumer Xenocentrism Scale: An Assessment of its Validity and Reliability on an Austrian Sample2007
Oberecker EvaConsumer Affinity: Conceptualization and Exploratory Insight2007
Schreiner KathrinThe Influence of Culture on Cognitive-Emotive Processes during Service Recovery Encounters: An Empirical Investigation2007
Egger BarbaraThe Impact of Consumer Ethnocentrism and Consumer Cosmopolitanism on Consumption Behaviour2006
Fritsch-Richter HerbertMeasuring Consumer Animosity of Austrian Consumers Towards the United States2006
Geisler BerndInternational Customer Segmentation and External Partners2006
Gruber BarbaraCarrying out International Customer Segmentation - Internally versus Externally2006
Hennebichler PeterCountry of Origin Knowledge: An Investigation of Consumers' Brand Origin Recognition Accuracy2006
Jevdjenic RodoljubConcept Testing within New Product Development: Applied to a Mobile Phone for the Grey Market2006

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