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Bachelor Courses in Summer Semester 2020

Please note that all courses are taught in English.

Course Overview
040192/1ABWL Marketing IProf. C. Sichtmann
040240/1 ABWL Marketing IIDr. Ilona Szöcs 



ABWL Marketing I

Course Description
Download the course description here. (updated 02/03/2020)

Prerequisites for the exam
For BW/IBW bachelor students: The STEOP Phase has to be successfully completed.
For EC Principles of Business Administration students: “PM1 Introduction to Business Administration” has to be successfully completed.

Course Objectives
The course provides an overview of main marketing concepts, techniques and applications. As an introductory course, objectives are (a) to highlight the relevance of marketing in today’s economy for management decision-making, (b) to introduce basic marketing concepts and models, and (c) to generate interest to further study the subject at an advanced level.

Exam Information
Please note that, although being enrolled for the VO ABWL Marketing 1 you will NOT be automatically registered for the exam. To take the exam, you need to register via u:find / https://ufind.univie.ac.at) during the registration period.
This exam takes 60 minutes, comprises of 50 single-choice questions and counts for 3 ECTS.

040192/1 ABWL Marketing I






Prof. Dr. Christina SichtmannECTS:3

Tuesdays, 09:45 - 11:15 (start 3.3.)
room: HS 14

Tue, 05.05.2020, 08:00-09:30, HS 14

1st exam date

Wed, 17.06.2020
, 10:00-11:00, HS 1 + HS 6
(the registration period is May 4, 9am to
June 15, 1pm; de-registration is possible
by June 15, 1pm at the latest)

2nd exam date: Mon, 28.09.2020, 13:15-14:15, HS 1
(the registration period is August 3, 9am to
September 24, 1pm; de-registration is possible
by September 24, 1pm at the latest)
3rd exam date:mid of WS 2020/21
4th exam date:

end of WS 2020/21



ABWL Marketing II

Course Description
Download the course description here.

Successful completion of ABWL Marketing I. It is therefore NOT possible to complete ABWL Marketing I and ABWL Marketing II in the same semester.

A special note for all exchange students: The same applies to you – there is NO POSSIBILITY to complete both courses in one semester. You are eligible for this course if you have already taken a basic marketing course at your home university. To be able to attend the course you must hand in a relevant transcript/certificate by March 8th, 2020.

Course Objectives
The course seeks to apply key marketing concepts acquired in the ABWL Marketing I course to real-life examples as well as to provide new theoretical and practical knowledge on additional marketing topics such as international marketing, services management, business-to-business markets, and digital marketing.

040240/1 ABWL Marketing II









Tuesdays, 09:45 - 11:15
(start 3.3.)


HS 9


Wed(!), 22.04.2020
, 09:45-11:15, HS 16
max. students:

Guest Lecture:

Fri(!), 15.05.2020
, 09:45-11:15, HS 9

Mid‑Term Exam:

Thu(!), 07.05.2020
, 11:30-12:30, HS 6

Final Exam:

Wed(!), 24.06.2020, 15:00-16:00, HS 14



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