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Course Admission and Attendance Guidelines

Please be aware of the following policies that apply to all students who register for a course offered by our Chair.

  1. Student numbers

    To ensure a quality learning experience, no more students will be admitted to a course after the announced number of places has been reached.

    Students on the waiting list should attend sessions during the first 14 days following the official start of classes (Vorlesungsbeginn), as places from students who de-register during this period will be immediately allocated to those on the waiting list (see also points 2 and 3 below).

  2. Attendance in the first session is compulsory.

    Students who have been admitted to a course via U:SPACE/UNIVIS but do not show up in the first session will automatically lose their place. Their places will be filled up with students from the waiting list who attend the first session (based on their place in the waiting list).

  3. Time limit for deregistration is 14 days after the official start of classes

    Groups for projects are usually formed very early in a course and people on the waiting list are (understandably!) anxious to find out whether they will get a place in the course or not. Therefore it is important to know as soon as possible how many people who have got a place via U:SPACE/UNIVIS will definitely stay in the course. For this reason the time to de-register is limited to 14 days after the official start of classes (Vorlesungsbeginn) unless otherwise stated by the course instructor.

  4. Attendance throughout the course is compulsory.

    For all our courses except for ABWL Marketing I there is “Anwesenheitspflicht”. Students failing to attend three sessions will automatically fail the course. There will be no exceptions.

  5. Exception rule for ABWL Marketing II registration (2nd exam date ABWL Marketing I) 

    Students who plan to do the final exam of ABWL Marketing I on the 2nd exam date (October/March) and wish to attend ABWL Marketing II during that semester (only possible if there are enough free places!), need to register for this course in UNIVIS/U:SPACE (status of the registration needs to be "angelegt") and attend the classes. As soon as the grades of the ABWL Marketing I exam are calculated, the students will know if they passed/failed the exam and therefore if they have the necessary requirements to attend the ABWL Marketing II course.

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