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Plagiarism: A Serious Academic Offense


It is important for you to realise that there are strict rules governing your behaviour in an academic setting. We at the Chair of International Marketing regard the act of plagiarism as a serious academic offence, which is totally unacceptable in a scholarly community dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge. Students who engage in plagiarism undermine the values and beliefs that underpin academic work, anger and discourage other students who do not use such tactics and devalue the integrity of University of Vienna awards and qualifications.



It is an academic offence for a student to use another person’s work and to submit it with the intent that it should be taken as his or her own. Any work which is not undertaken in an Examination Room under the supervision of an invigilator (including but not limited to: essays, project work, reports, experiments, observations, and specimen collecting), but which is nevertheless required work forming part of the degree assessment, must be the student’s own.


Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, the following are some examples of plagiarism offences:


·     Collusion, where a piece of work prepared by a group is represented as if it were the student’s own.

·     Commission or use of work by the student which is not his or her own and representing it as if it were [e.g., paying ghost writers, wholesale downloading of coursework, cut-and-paste plagiarism].

·     Duplication of the same or almost identical work for more than one course.

·     Copying or paraphrasing a paper from a source text without appropriate acknowledge.

·     Submission of another student’s work, with or without that student’s knowledge or consent.


There is a number of sophisticated electronic tools and software currently available to assist in the detection of plagiarism and we intend to make full use of them if such conduct is suspected. We also intend to routinely submit samples of students’ work to scrutiny for plagiarism. Thus all work (other than formal examinations) submitted to the Chair of International Marketing for assessment must be accompanied by an electronic copy in Word or PDF format.

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