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KFK Oral Exam

If you have completed ALL modules of the KFK International Marketing and decide to take our oral KFK examination you must follow the following procedure:

 1.  REGISTRATION AT THE StudienServiceCenter (SSC)

Submit the necessary forms to the SSC:

Please be aware of the processing period of approximately two work weeks (and take holidays, etc. into account).

The SSC will notify you by email as soon as your confirmation of admission to the exam is ready to pick up.


After having received the signed admission form, please submit it to our secretariat. Please notice that we CANNOT register you without the admission form! You must do this one week before the exam date AT THE LATEST!


The exam will be in English. Examinable material includes (a) general marketing knowledge acquired during basic marketing courses such as ABWL Marketing Teil 1 and Teil 2, and (b) contents and literature of the KFK modules “International Marketing” (IM) and “International Marketing Research” (IMR).

 The relevant literature is as follows:

  • Jobber, David (2016): Principles and Practice of Marketing, 8th edition, McGraw Hill, (ISBN-13: 978-007714149)
  • Hollensen, S. (2011): Global Marketing - A Decision-Oriented Approach, 5th edition, Pearson Educated Limited. (ISBN: 978-0-273-72622-7)
  • Craig, S. C., Douglas, S. P. (2005): International Marketing Research, 3rd edition, John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. (ISBN: 0-470-01095-9)
  • Zikmund, W. G. and Babin, B. J. (2016): Exploring Marketing Research, 11th edition, South-Western Cengage Learning. (ISBN:-10 1305263529)
  • Articles on the Reading Lists of IM and IMR (see Course Specific Readings on our homepage)


After the exam, we will enter your grade in the electronic system (u:space) and pass the admission form on to the SSC. Should you fail the exam, you have to re-register at the SSC to be admitted to take the exam again. Note that, if you fail, you can elect to switch to take the oral exam in your second KFK if you are a BW student.


Depending on demand, we will offer 1-2 exam dates each semester. The dates are announced on our homepage.

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