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  1. For starting the KFK, you should successfully completed at least a couple of basic marketing courses such as ABWL Marketing Part 1 (EK) and Part 2 (FK). This is essential as the KFK assumes that you have previous marketing knowledge.
  2. Before taking the course IM2, you have to successfully complete IM1.
  3. Before taking the course IMR2, you have to successfully complete IMR1 and IDA.*
  4. Before taking the course AIM, you have to successfully complete IM1, IMR1 and IDA.*
  5. For taking the Seminar, it is necessary to have completed the Module IMR (IMR1+IMR2).
  6. IMSS and IDA can be done in any sequence you like.
  7. Fluent English and good German are required for most KFK courses, as research projects and essential literature require both languages. The same applies to Diplomarbeiten and Master Theses.

* starting WS 2010/11

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Lehrstuhl für Internationales Marketing

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