Recent Publications

Montanari MG, Diamantopoulos A, Giraldi J. Revisiting Country of Origin Effects on Consumers’ Willingness to Pay: Are Gains different than Losses? In Proceedings of the 50th Annual Conference of the European Marketing Academy Conference. 2021

Diamantopoulos A, Matarazzo M, Petrychenko A. The "Pricing Footprint" of Country Image: Insights from the Price Sensitivity Meter. 2021. Paper presented at International Marketing Trends Conference 2021, Venice, Italy.

Bourdin D, Sichtmann C. Customer Attitudes Towards Foreign-Accented Employees: Consequences for Voluntary, Replaceable, and Mandatory Customer Participation in Services. In Malter AJ, Baker SM, editors, 2021 AMA Winter Academic Conference : The Human Side of Marketing in an Age of Digital Transformation. Vol. 32. 2021. (AMA Educators Proceedings).